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Pride of Siam www.prideofsiam.co.uk

The famous Thai restaurant in London. A simple and easy to access design with the list of all menu for customers to ckeck and use for delivery order. The table booking using plain email system.

Pride of Siam Pride of Siam Pride of Siam Pride of Siam
Suwanan Akademy www.suwanan-akademy.com

The acting school of a super star, Kob Suwanan. This design with pink and green to frflect the color of the frog (Kob) and the pink that Ms. Suwanan like. Result is a cheerful combination of colors and un-ordinary elements to attractive by young and old fan club and interesting one. Special is the video database system easily to select and view.

Suwanan Akademy Suwanan Akademy Suwanan Akademy
Inside Out Design www.insideoutdesign.co.th

Inside Out Design Company Limited is a professional consultant firm in landscape architecture, graphics, urban design and planning. The design of the web is a collaborate work with staff from the firm and have a separate theme for each department. Emphasize on the works and to displaying it elegantly.

Inside Out Design Inside Out Design Inside Out Design Inside Out Design
ASA Regulation GIS System maplaw.asa.or.th

GIS web application base on MapServer snd pMapper opensource softwares. Built for ASA (Association of Siamese Architect). The system was to help users search for laws and regulations in that area they click on. Developed base on MapServer System and pMapper Framework.

ASA Regulation GIS System ASA Regulation GIS System ASA Regulation GIS System
Ayutthaya Floating Market www.ayutthayafloatingmarket.com

The one and only floating market in Ayutthaya. The design emphasize on image communication with users. So the layout use big pictures at the left pane and context on the right and a bit smaller. The back office system are easy to use and quick update both text and images. Also support still pictures and flash animation.

Ayutthaya Floating Market Ayutthaya Floating Market Ayutthaya Floating Market
BBLAM www.bblam.co.th

The re-design of BBL Asset Management company to quickly communicate with customers and able to use new technic to display large amount of information about each asset. With Flash Graph, now customers can understand the investment trend easier. The News and articles can be either text or movies. Newsletter subscription, Advertisement (Flash and pictures) now incorporated. The Back Office system design to be easier to use and operate by BBLAM in-house personel.

BBL Asset Management BBL Asset Management
Bridge Asia www.bridgeasiaproperty.com

The realestate development company that give you more. Designing website to reflect this philosophy and result in clean and classic but different style. The information are about the ongoing projects.

Bridge Asia Bridge Asia
Credo International www.cicpaint.com

The paint manufacturer decided to built their with e-commerce system and accept credit card transaction.

Credo International Credo International Credo International
Haadson Resort www.haadsonresort.com

Hip Resort beside a calmly beach in Pang-Nga. The website design to reflect their style and presented with many pictures controlled with database. Many positive opinions from customers.

Haadson Resort Haadson Resort Haadson Resort
Extra Hotel www.welcometoextra.com

A hotel recommended in Lonely Planet guide book located in Takuapa, Pang-Nga

Extra Hotel Extra Hotel
Simple Secrets Society www.simplesecretssociety.com

A compact learning community for theatre and film lovers. It is established by a group of people who are professionals and enthusiasts within the fields of theatre and feature film. They are bunched together by friendship with love and interests in those fields, especially in the power and influence of storytelling by those kinds of art towards people.

Simple Secrets Society Simple Secrets Society Simple Secrets Society
Art4D TheBlog www.art4d.com/blog

Weblog of art4d.com, design the theme for WordPress blog program.

Art4D TheBlog
Atrium Design www.atriumss.com

Stefan Schlau's architectural design studio in Bangkok. Atrium have some unique style that reflect in the designing of website.

Atrium Design Atrium Design
Thai Paint Manufacturer Association www.tpma2000.org

TPMA's website is a center for related news, activities, profiles and meeting reports.

Thai Paint Manufacturer Association Thai Paint Manufacturer Association
Jitti's Gym www.jittigym.com

Jitti's Gym is a famous training place for foreigners that interested in Thai martial arts, Muay Thai. The design use strong colors and composition as express in their arts.

Jitti's Gym Muay Thai Training Jitti's Gym Muay Thai Training
Art4d www.art4d.com

Co-design with Athichoke Pimviriyakul, art4d.com's webmaster, to be able to upload contents from magazine to digital media. The work here is the starting point of izziSoft Engine.

Art4D Architectural and design magazine Art4D Architectural and design magazine
Asia Asset Group www.asiaassetgroup.com

A database website to display information of sell/rent realestate.

Asia Asset Group